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Category: Culture

Hawaii Facts and Information

Interesting facts about Hawaii

Because of its numerous active volcanoes, beautiful beaches, natural wonders and tropical climate, Hawaii remains one of the most visited travel destinations in the world. Aside from being the youngest...


Hawaii – The Snake-Free State

Ophidiophobes, or folks who are suffering from severe fear of snakes, will definitely have a swell time in snake-free Hawaii.  The Aloha state has invested millions of dollars into fighting...

hawaiian language

The Hawaiian Language

Did you know that Hawaii has the distinction of being the only state in the United States of America to have its own native, official language? It is called the...

Hawaiian Food

Hawaiian Cuisine – What to eat in Hawaii

Aside from coconut and pineapples, the Aloha state boasts of unique native delicacies prepared using the finest and freshest ingredients from both land and sea. Known locally as Island food,...


Brief History of Hawaii

Aside from being a world-known tourist destination and the birth place of President Barrack Obama, let us find out how this island paradise came to be and how it ended...


Top Tourist Attractions in Hawaii

These are the top tourist attractions in Hawaii. Hanalei Bay Perfect crescent of sand and sea, winter surf meccaMauna Kea Sacred Hawaiian summit, mecca for astronomy, epic sunsets and stargazingWaimea...