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Kukaniloko Birth Site – One of Oahu’s most important cultural sites

Kukaniloko Birth Site - Oahu, HawaiiKukaniloko Birth Site, also known as the Kukaniloko Birthstones State Monument, is a very important historic and cultural site in Central Oahu, Hawaii. It is home to the Kukaniloko Birth Stones, believed to be one of two locations set aside for the birth of royalty in ancient Hawaii, the other being Holoholoku at Wailua in Kauai. The site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973 and the 5-acre land surrounding it was declared a State Park in 1992.

The birthsite consisted of two rows of 18 stones, which represent Oahu’s 36 chiefs who witness the births, and a stone backrest where the chieftess would give birth. Today, the area is covered with 180 stones over an area of about a half acre. Read more


Ka Lanakila o Ka Malamalama Church – Keomoku, Lanai, Hawaii

Ka Lanakila o Ka Malamalama ChurchKa Lanakila O Ka Malamalama Church is a rustic wooden church located atop a grassy hill surrounded by palm trees in Keomoku, on the east shore of Lanai, Hawaii. Keomoku used to be a sleepy fishing village until it became a buzzling population center when the Maunalei Sugar Company was established on the island in 1899.

The church served as a venue for Hawaiian religious services for workers who moved to Keomoku to work in the newly-built sugar plantation. Unfortunately, the plantation closed down after a year of operation because the sugar mill’s water supply became brackish and the population was wiped out by an epidemic. Read more


10 Things You Should NOT Do in Hawaii

HawaiiVisiting Hawaii for the first time? Well, that has got to be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made in your life! Hawaii offers some of the world’s most spectacular attractions, both natural and man-made, as well as some of the most exciting adventures one could ever experience! To make your stay in the Rainbow State truly memorable, avoid committing Hawaiian faux pas once you get there.

1.  Don’t tell a local that you are from “the USA”
If someone asks you where you are from, never ever say the “USA” as it may sound that your are implying that Hawaii is not part of the U.S.. To avoid being considered rude and arrogant, just say “the mainland” or specify the city where you live. Read more


Ward Centers – Sprawling Shopping Hub in Kaka’ako in Honolulu, Hawaii

Ward Centers - Kaka'ako, Honolulu, HawaiiWard Centers, formerly known as Victoria Ward Centers, is a sprawling shopping complex comprised of several retail and entertainment venues located at Kaka’ako in Honolulu, Hawaii. It was named after Victoria Ward, wife of Honolulu industrialist Curtis Perry Ward and daughter of influential British shipbuilder James Robinson, who owned sprawling parcels of land at Kaka’ako which were developed into shopping hubs after her death.

The Ward Centers is comprised of Ward Entertainment Center, Ward Centre, Ward Farmers Market, Ward Gateway Center, Ward Village Shops, Ward Warehouse, Ward Gateway Center, 404 Ward Avenue, and the new Ward Entertainment Center, a sprawling entertainment venue featuring a 16-screen cinema complex, the largest of its kind in Hawaii. These centers are located within walking distance between each other. Read more


Hawaii’s Plantation Village – A Peek into the Island’s Plantation Era

Hawaii's Plantation Village - Oahu, HawaiiHawaii’s Plantation Village is a 50-acre living museum and botanical garden located in the historic Waipahu town, Oahu, Hawaii. This outdoor museum is comprised of some 30 restored traditonal homes and structures that showcase the lifestyles and experiences of multi-ethnic laborers who migrated to Hawaii circa 1850-1950 to work in the island’s sugar plantations.

The village also features unusual plants and fruit bearing trees brought by the immigrants from their native lands such as China, Portugal, Japan, Puerto Rico, Korea, Okinawa, Polynesia, and the Philippines. Read more


Koloa Landing – A Popular Diving Spot in Kauai, Hawaii

Koloa Landing - Kauai, HawaiiKoloa Landing is a popular dive site located in Poipu Beach on the southern shore of Kauai, Hawaii. The site features a horseshoe-shaped reef which serves as home to a rich variety of tropical fish, corals and other marine life including a lot of turtles.

As the name implies, the Koala Landing was a former port during the whaling era and plantation days. In fact, it was one of the island’s most important ports, the other being Waimea. Whaling ships used to dock here to trade with the locals for provisions. It was also used as a main port for passenger vessels and cargo ships transporting plantation crops. Read more


Upside Down Waterfall – A Gravity-Defying Attraction on Oahu’s Pali Highway

Upside Down Falls Antique Postcard
Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most spectacular cascades. Some are easily accessible but most are tucked away in the islands’ rainforests and hidden valleys. One of Hawaii’s waterfalls that is best viewed from afar is the aptly named Upside Down Waterfall which is visible from the Pali expressway in Oahu.

The Upside Down Waterfall is not your usual waterfalls. Flowing over the edge of a cliff on Mount Konahuanui, powerful northeasterly trade winds, channeled by the location’s topography, catches the falling water and draws it up the Canyon even before it reaches the bottom, creating the illusion that the falls is flowing in reverse. Read more


Kahala Mall – Second Largest Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii

Kahala Mall - Honolulu, HawaiiKahala Mall is a major retail center in the affluent Kāhala neighborhood in Honolulu on the East Side of  Oahu, Hawaii. Housing over 100 specialty stores and dining establishments, it is dubbed as the second largest mall in Honolulu after the Ala Moana Center.

It first opened in 1954 as Waialae Shopping Center and was renamed Kahala Mall after a massive renovation in 1969. Shops offer a variety of merchandise such as apparel, books, cosmetics, health products, electronics & gadgets, home-ware, jewelry and gift items. There are also service-oriented establishments such as banks, beauty salons, barber shop, laundry & dry cleaners and telecom centers. There is also an 8-screen cinema. Read more


Harold H. Higashihara Park & Kamakana Playground – Kona, Hawaii

Harold H. Higashihara Park - Kamakana PlaygroundHarold H. Higashihara Park is a county park in Kona, the Big Island, Hawaii. The park was built on a terraced hillside offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and plenty of trees and greenery. Other amenities include a baseball diamond, basketball and tennis courts, and picnic areas. But what makes the park more special is the unique Kamakana Playground, a community-built children’s play area.

Local companies have contributed funds and equipment while residents offered manpower to create the unique playground when it was renovated in 2009. Today, the park and its playground has become a favorite hangout among Big Island families and visitors in the know. Read more

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