Pu’u o Mahuka Heiau State Monument – The Largest Heiau in Oahu, Hawaii

Pu'u o Mahuka Heiau State Monument - Oahu, HawaiiPu’u o Mahuka Heiau State Monument is a state park and historic site on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. It is the site of the largest heiau, or religious temple, on the island. The name means “hill of escape” in the Hawaiian language.

Sitting on a hilltop with spectacular views of Waimea Bay and Waimea Valley, the heiau played an important role in the social, political, and religious system of the valley which was a major occupation center of Oahu during the pre-contact period. Read more

Kapena Falls – An Easy Outdoor Fun in Oahu, Hawaii

Kapena Falls - Oahu, HawaiiKapena Falls is a tiny waterfall around 20-30 feet high. It is located below the Pali Highway in the Nuuanu Valley of Oahu, Hawaii. While not as impressive as other waterfalls in the island, Kapena Falls and the small pool below it is a popular spot for cliff jumping.

The falls is easily accessible via a short trail from Pali Highway, near the “SCENIC LOOKOUT 500 FT” sign. The lookout offers spectacular vistas of the three-tiered pagoda at Kyoto Gardens and the Nuuanu Memorial Park. Read more

Na Mokulua – The Moks of Lanikai

Na Mokulua - The Moks of Lanikai, HawaiiNā Mokulua are two islets off the windward coast of Oahu in the Hawaiian Islands. About .75 miles off Lanikai Beach, they add to the spectacular views of the area. The islets, popularly referred to as The Moks, are among the most photographed landmarks in Oahu.

The name Na Mokulua means “the two islands” in Hawaiian. The larger island (on the left when looking from Lanikai) is Moku Nui and the smaller, Moku Iki. They are part of the Hawaii State Seabird Sanctuary and activities on them as well as off-limit areas on them are regulated by law. Moku Iki is particularly off-limits to visitors to protect the birds nesting in ground burrows. Read more

Kaiona Beach Park – One of the Hidden Gems of Oahu, Hawaii

Kaiona Beach Park - Oahu, HawaiiKaiona Beach Park is a 4-acre family-friendly beach park located at the foot of Ko’olau Mountains at the south end of Waimanalo Bay on Oahu’s windward coast. The beach’s turquoise water lives up to its name Kaiona, which means “attractive sea” in the Hawaiian language.

The beach is the location of an ancient Hawaiian fishpond, called Pahonu Pond, which offers excellent swimming opportunities for its calm and clear waters as well as sandy bottom. This part of the beach is popular among children and novice swimmers. During low tide, the walls of the fishpond are visible. Outside of the seawall is a mixture of rocks and sandy patches. Read more

Cromwell’s Cove – A Popular Swim Spot in Oahu, Hawaii

Cromwell's Cove - Oahu, HawaiiCromwell’s Cove is a popular swimming and diving spot east of Diamond Head Beach in Oahu, Hawaii. It is part of the Kaalawai Beach, known to most a Cromwell Beach, a narrow strip of golden sand fronting the upscale community of Ka’alawai.

The beach offers spectacular views but a shallow reef that extends all the way to the shoreline making for poor swimming conditions. The beach is mainly used by surfers to access popular surf spots beyond the reef. Read more