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Upside Down Waterfall – A Gravity-Defying Attraction on Oahu’s Pali Highway

Upside Down Falls Antique Postcard
Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most spectacular cascades. Some are easily accessible but most are tucked away in the islands’ rainforests and hidden valleys. One of Hawaii’s waterfalls that is best viewed from afar is the aptly named Upside Down Waterfall which is visible from the Pali expressway in Oahu.

The Upside Down Waterfall is not your usual waterfalls. Flowing over the edge of a cliff on Mount Konahuanui, powerful northeasterly trade winds, channeled by the location’s topography, catches the falling water and draws it up the Canyon even before it reaches the bottom, creating the illusion that the falls is flowing in reverse. Read more


Kahala Mall – Second Largest Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii

Kahala Mall - Honolulu, HawaiiKahala Mall is a major retail center in the affluent Kāhala neighborhood in Honolulu on the East Side of  Oahu, Hawaii. Housing over 100 specialty stores and dining establishments, it is dubbed as the second largest mall in Honolulu after the Ala Moana Center.

It first opened in 1954 as Waialae Shopping Center and was renamed Kahala Mall after a massive renovation in 1969. Shops offer a variety of merchandise such as apparel, books, cosmetics, health products, electronics & gadgets, home-ware, jewelry and gift items. There are also service-oriented establishments such as banks, beauty salons, barber shop, laundry & dry cleaners and telecom centers. There is also an 8-screen cinema. Read more


Harold H. Higashihara Park & Kamakana Playground – Kona, Hawaii

Harold H. Higashihara Park - Kamakana PlaygroundHarold H. Higashihara Park is a county park in Kona, the Big Island, Hawaii. The park was built on a terraced hillside offering spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean and plenty of trees and greenery. Other amenities include a baseball diamond, basketball and tennis courts, and picnic areas. But what makes the park more special is the unique Kamakana Playground, a community-built children’s play area.

Local companies have contributed funds and equipment while residents offered manpower to create the unique playground when it was renovated in 2009. Today, the park and its playground has become a favorite hangout among Big Island families and visitors in the know. Read more


Waioli Beach Park – A Popular Surfing Spot on Hanalei Bay, Kauai, Hawaii

Waioli Beach Park - Hanelei Bay, HawaiiWaioli Beach Park is a 6.41-acre beach park located on the western edge of Hanalei town and in the middle of Hanelei Bay in Kauai County, Hawaii. It is locally known as the Pine Trees beach, in reference to the numerous ironwood pines that line the back of the beach.

The beach is a popular surfing destination among locals. It is home to the annual Pine Tree Classic, a surfing competion open to beginners. This is also where World Champion surfers Bruce and Andy Irons grew up and honed their surfing skills. A large ironwood tree facing the ocean serves as a memorial for Andy who passed away in 2010. Read more


James Kealoha Beach Park – A Swimming and Snorkeling Beach in Hilo, Hawaii

James Kealoha Beach Park - Hilo, HawaiiJames Kealoha Beach Park is a popular tourist destination in South Hilo, Hawaii. It is named after James Kealoha, a respected Hilo politician and the first Lieutenant Governor of Hawaii. Locals call it the “Four Miles Beach” because it is exactly 4 miles from the Hilo town post-office.

The beach is a popular destination for all sorts of recreational activities such as swimming, snorkeling, surfing, picnics, sunbathing and fishing. The eastern end of the beach is protected by an offshore reef, keeping the nearshore water calm and ideal for swimming while the rocky reef is an excellent spot for snorkeling. The pockets of white sand are great for soaking up some sun while the lush trees behind the beach provide shade for picnickers. Read more


Larsen’s Beach in Kauai – Excellent Spot for Beach-Combing

Larsen's Beach - Kauai, HawaiiLarsen’s Beach, originally known as Ka’aka’aniu Beach, is a secluded and undeveloped beach in the north shore of Kauai, Hawaii. It is named after L. David Larsen, former manager of C Brewer’s Kilauea Sugar Company.

The beach features a two-mile long but narrow strip of sand which is ideal for strolling and sunbathing. Behind the beach are lush trees and vegetation. While inviting, the waters of Larsen’s Beach is less than ideal for swimming. The nearshore ocean bottom is rocky and too shallow for a dip. Read more


Maui Nui Botanical Gardens – Home to some of Hawaii’s most important plants and trees

Maui Nui Botanical GardensMaui Nui Botanical Gardens, formerly known as the Maui Zoological and Botanical Gardens, is a 7-acre botanical garden located in the heart of bustling Kahului in Maui, Hawaii. It features an impressive collection of native and Polynesian-introduced plants, many of which were important crops throughout early Hawaiian history.

The garden is established by native Hawaiian botanist Rene Sylva in 1976 as a means of educating the public about the importance of preserving native plants and understand their significance in Hawaiian history and culture. Today, the Maui Nui Botanical Gardens is one of the most cherished gardens and a popular tourist atttraction in the island. Read more


Nukolii Beach Park – The Longest Beach on the East Shore of Kauai, Hawaii

Nukolii Beach Park - Kauai, HawaiiNukolii Beach Park, also known as Kawailoa Beach or Kauai Beach, is a white sand beach with azure waters in Lihue on the east shore of Kauai, Hawaii. Stretching for two miles, it is the longest beach on the island’s eastern coast. It is adjacent to Lydgate Beach Park and fronts the Wailua Golf Course and Hilton Kauai Beach Resort.

The blue waters may be inviting but can be too rough for swimming. An offshore reef provides little protection especially during times of high surf. Plus, the nearshore waters are shallow and somewhat rocky making  swimming difficult. The area fronting the golf course is the best spot for those who insist to take a dip. There are good opportunities for snorkeling, scuba diving and fishing but only when the water is calm. Read more


Lawai Beach – One of Kauai’s Best Snorkeling Spots

Lawai Beach - Kauai, HawaiiLawai Beach is a small strip of beach fronting the Lawai Beach Resort and the Beach House Restaurant in the south shore of Kauai, Hawaii. The beach is not visible during high tide but is a popular snorkeling spot during calm water condition.

A reef protects the beach from strong waves and provides snorkelers clear underwater views. The rocky bottom is home to a wide array of fish and marine creatures including butterfly fish, tangs, surgeon fish, wrasses, and puffers. Apart from colorful fishes and corals, Lawai Beach is also popular for turtles and rare Hawaiian monk seals which are frequently spotted here.

Lawai Beach is also great for capturing the sunset and watching experienced surfers ride the offshore break. “Acid Drop,” “PKs” and “Centers” are three popular surf spots in this beach. Read more

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