Barking Sands Beach – Another Unusual Beach in Hawaii

Barking Sands Beach - Kauai, HawaiiBarking Sands is a beautiful beach located between Kekaha Beach Park and Polihale State Park, on the west side of Kauai Island in Hawaii. What makes the beach unique is its stretch of fine golden sand and the peculiar occurrence when you walk on it.

Every footfall on the sand produces a sound similar to a barking dog, hence the interesting name of the beach. While the reason behind the phenomena is not fully explained, scientists suspect that the grains of sand may have perforations, or tiny echo chambers, which emit a “barking” sound when they rub together. Read more

Glass Beach – A Unique Beach in Hanapepe, Kauai, Hawaii

Glass Beach - Kauai, HawaiiGlass Beach is an unusual beach located near Port Allen Harbor in Hanapepe, Southern Kauai, Hawaii. It is known for the multi-colored sea glass that litter the shore and glitter in the sunshine.

The sea glass came from the nearby industrial garbage dump where bottles and other discarded glass items were dumped about 30 years ago. Years of exposure to Hawaii’s massive waves have smoothened the colorful shards, giving them the fascinating jelly bean shape. Sea glass in this beach come in a variety of colors such as brown, green, blue, clear and red. Unfortunately, massive collection over the years has left the beach with only pebble size sea glass. The larger ones have been taken away as souvenirs or for use in jewelry, arts and other crafts. Read more

Nimitz Beach – A Hidden Treasure on Oahu’s Southwest Shore

Nimitz Beach - Oahu, HawaiiNimitz Beach is a surfing beach located at Barber’s Point on Oahu’s southwest shore. Just like most beaches in this coast of the island, Nimitz Beach is seldom crowded. Near-shore is a shallow coral reef providing excellent snorkeling and fair swimming opportunities.

Offshore is popular for surfing especially for beginners. While the beach is good overall, there are a lot of rocky areas that may make water access difficult.Look for less rocky areas in several spots along the beach when venturing into the water. There are also tide pools that are great for children to get acquainted with marine creatures. Sunsets are a sight to behold. Read more

Kite Beach, Maui, Hawaii – Kiteboarding Capital of the World

Kite Beach - Maui, HawaiiDubbed as the jewel of Maui’s north shore, Kite Beach is a sandy beach located at the western end of Kanaha Beach. It is just a few minutes away from Kahului Airport and known a great spot for Kiteboarding. In fact, the sport is said to have originated from this beach which has more windy days than any other kiteboarding destination in the world.

The valley in central Maui creates a wind tunnel effect that funnels strong wind into Kite Beach. It offers a variety of conditions to suit different levels of riders. There is a long curving sandy beach that is excellent for beginners. This area lies inside a protective reef, keeping the water flat which adds to the ease of learning. Read more

Chun’s Reef – A Popular Surf Site on Oahu’s North Shore

Chun's Reef - North Shore, OahuChun’s Reef is a wide sandy beach and popular surf site on Oahu’s North Shore. The long stretch of sand begins at this beach and ends at Kawailoa Beach to the east. This beach is located right next to Kamehameha Highway.

The area is known for the large, powerful waves during winter months, providing great surfing opportunities for experienced boarders. Observe all warnings and do not enter water when large swells are present.  Snorkeling and swimming are great during summer’s calmer conditions. The beach is also a favorite spot for watching sea turtles which often come ashore. Read more