Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area – A Hiking and Camping Destination in Oahu, Hawaii

Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area - Oahu, HawaiiThe Keaiwa Heiau is an ancient Hawaiian temple located in the 384-acre Keaiwa Heiau State Recreation Area located above the town of Aiea, north of Pearl Harbor, in Oahu, Hawaii. The heiau was used as a medicinal or healing temple or heiau ho’ola. It is unknown when the heiau was built but one source suggests that it was constructed in the 16th Century by Kakuhihewa, an ali’i (chief) of O’ahu, and his kahuna Keaiwa.

According to legends, the kahuna (priest) specializing in healing would diagnose and treat various illnesses and injuries in the heaiau. The kahuna would also train haumana (students) in the practice of la’au lapa’au, medicinal healing using plants, fasting, and prayers. Many of the plants and herbs were collected from the neighboring forest while others were planted around the heiau. Read more

Koke’e State Park – A Nature Lover’s Paradise in Northwestern Kauai, Hawaii

Koke'e State Park - Kauai, HawaiiThe Koke’e State Park is a 4345-acre lush and rugged state park located north of Waimea Canyon, inland from the Na Pali Coast, in northwestern Kauai, Hawaii. It is adjacent to the Waimea Canyon State Park on the north.

Koke’e State Park is known for its verdant rainforests and spectacular views of the Kalalau Valley from 4000 feet elevation. It is also home to numerous hiking trails, making it a favorite destination among hikers and nature lovers for observing native plants, forest birds and insects. Read more

Ke Iki Beach – One of North Shore’s Most Beautiful Beaches

Ke Iki Beach - Haleiwa, HawaiiKe Iki Beach, not to be confused with Kauai’s Keiki Cove, is a beautiful white sand beach in Haleiwa, North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Located off of Ke Iki Road, just off of Kamehameha Highway, the beach features about a mile of soft white sand with a rocky reef at the west end.

It’s relative seclusion makes it less crowded compared to more popular beaches in the area such as Sunset and Pipeline. However, it can still get congested especially during weekends  so make sure to come in early if you want to get a spot on the limited parking lot. Read more

Lucoral Museum – Hawaii’s Gemstone Museum

Lucoral Museum - Waikiki, HawaiiThe Lucoral Museum is a privately-owned museum showcasing treasures from the sea, such as corals and pearls, as well as different gemstones, jewelry and other objets d’art. It is located along Kuhio Avenue in the heart of Waikiki. The museum was established in 1989 by Flora Lu, a renowned jeweler specializing in coral and pearl jewelry.

Since opening to the public in 1992, the museum has educated visitors about the precious treasures of the earth and ocean through its vast collection of corals, pearls, gemstones and fossils from Hawaii and around the world. Read more

Hanakao’o Beach Park – A Very Popular Sandy Beach in West Maui, Hawaii

Hanakao'o Beach Park - West Maui, HawaiiHanakao’o Beach Park is a stretch of sandy beach just south of the Ka’anapali Beach Resort Complex on Maui’s west shores. Hanakao’o means the “digging stick bay,” but the origin of the name is now unknown. It is also a launching point for Hawaiians and their canoes, hence its nickname, Canoe Beach.

The beach was used to be called by locals as Sand Box Beach in reference to a rock crusher that used to be in the area in the early 1900s. The rock crusher had several large storage bins to hold the crushed material as well as a box for sand. The sand box was kept filled with beach sand, which was bagged as needed for various construction projects. The rock crusher ceased operations in the 1920s but the sand box remained on the beach for many years, giving the beach its once-popular name. Read more