Chun’s Reef – A Popular Surf Site on Oahu’s North Shore

Chun's Reef - North Shore, OahuChun’s Reef is a wide sandy beach and popular surf site on Oahu’s North Shore. The long stretch of sand begins at this beach and ends at Kawailoa Beach to the east. This beach is located right next to Kamehameha Highway.

The area is known for the large, powerful waves during winter months, providing great surfing opportunities for experienced boarders. Observe all warnings and do not enter water when large swells are present.  Snorkeling and swimming are great during summer’s calmer conditions. The beach is also a favorite spot for watching sea turtles which often come ashore. Read more

Kaaawa Beach Park – A Lovely Beach in East Oahu, Hawaii

Kaaawa Beach Park - East Oahu, HawaiiKaaawa Beach Park is a narrow sandy beach located in Oahu’s windward coast. The name was derived from the yellow wrasse fish, a reef fish that was once abundant on the reefs in this area. Today, the beach is a popular spot for catching he’e or octopus.

The picturesque views make this beach park excellent for picnics and camping. While the clear blue water is inviting, swimming is less than ideal in this beach due to a shallow reef nearshore, except for a few sandy patches. There is also a dangerous rip at the break in the reef at the south end of the park. Nevertheless, snorkeling opportunities are available when the ocean is calm. Read more

Mission Houses Museum – A Glimpse Into Hawaii’s “Missionary” Era

Mission Houses Museum - Honolulu, HawaiiThe Mission Houses Museum is a collection of three well-preserved western style buildings located in a property along 553 South King Street in Honolulu, Hawaii. Believed to be the oldest western style buildings in Hawaii, they now serve as a museum showcasing the islands’ “missionary” period from about 1820 to 1863.

The buildings were built by a missionary named Levi Chamberlain for himself and his family of eight when they came to Honolulu from Vermont in 1820s. The first structure that was built in the property was the Mission House in 1821. Also referred to as the Frame House, the Mission House was pre-fabricated in Boston, shipped to Hawaii and assemble on its current spot. The house was designed for the climate of New England and features small windows and short eaves. Read more

Kilauea Lighthouse – A Picturesque Landmark in Hawaii’s Northernmost Point

Kilauea Lighthouse - Kauai, HawaiiKilauea Lighthouse is a historic tower located on Kīlauea Point, a narrow peninsula on Kauai’s northern coast. It was constructed in 1912 and completed in 1913 to become the first lighthouse on Hawaii with the largest lens of it’s kind. It served as beacon which guided ships heading to and from the Orient until the 70’s when its light was turned off and was replaced by a low-maintenance light beacon. Recently, it was renamed the Daniel K. Inouye Kilauea Point Lighthouse in honor of the late Sen. Daniel Inouye.

The tower stands at 52 feet (16 m) high and features a Classical Revival architecture. While closed to the public, the Kilauea Lighthouse remains an iconic landmark thanks to its picturesque location offering spectacular views of the Pacific. Nearby is the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge which is home to a diverse population of nesting seabirds. The peninsula where the lighthouse stands provides a great vantage point to bird watchers. Read more

Punalu’u Beach Park – A Quiet Black Sand Beach on the Big Island, Hawaii

Punalu'u Beach Park - Big Island, HawaiiPunalu’u Beach is a black sand beach with brackish waters and lush greenery located along the coastline between Volcanoes National Park and South Point. It is out of the way from the island’s tourist-friendlier Kona side but is worthy of a visit for those seeking peace and quiet.

While the water looks inviting, the beach has a very rocky bottom and can be dangerous for swimming. Caution is advised when venturing into the ocean. Picnics and camping are popular alternative activities. Read more